And there he was in Business First

I remember the day clearly still today. I was sitting in my living room reading the People on the Move section of Business First. I read it religiously, always hoping to find a new prospect to call on. There he was: Jim Martin, recently hired as vice president of marketing at Cardinal Health.

I decided to send him a clever promotion. Shockingly, he then took my call in the winter of 1996. It was a cordial conversation and he seemed interested in doing business. Months went by and I continued to follow up, knowing that sales is often all about timing. Wow, timing really got me!

Jim called me in late August and asked me to come to Cardinal’s office in Dublin to discuss a new product launch. What timing—I had just given birth to our first child TWO days before! YIKES! I called my mom, and she drove me and our daughter (who is now 18!) to the appointment.

I’ll never forget how long the hallway to his office was, how fast Jim walked and how hard my chair in his office was. It’s amazing, though, what you can do when you really want to! We landed the business and Jim remains a dear friend to this day. It wasn’t until years later that I told him I had just had a baby right before we first met, and we both laughed about it. Thank God for Business First!