It Started with Two Men

Yes, 20 years ago, two men encouraged me, at just 26 years old, to start my business. I wasn’t interested. But they persisted. It took them quite a bit of convincing, but eventually they won and I founded PRISM. The first champion was my former boss and dear friend, Don Fovel. Don believed in me from the very beginning. He was definitely hard on me, although looking back I realize it was all those tough lessons that helped shaped the person I am today.

Don gave me such great counsel around work, but perhaps his greatest advice was this: Marry the right person, this decision will determine your happiness in life. Gosh, I miss him so. His advice was so right!

Which leads to my second champion: my husband, Scott. To put into words what he has done for me is difficult. He not only encouraged me from the very beginning, but he has never wavered at any point. He quit his job at the Limited to help care for our kids so I could build my business. He didn’t say no when I wanted to expand offices into Atlanta and Cincinnati. He has been there unconditionally for me and our four children. I honestly never felt like there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do as long as he was with me.