Allied Mineral Products

Creative Concepts


Allied Mineral Products, a client of PRISM’s for 8+ years, is a Columbus-based manufacturer with a global presence making monolithic and precast refractory ceramics – mixes and molds that line high-temperature equipment and furnaces in manufacturing facilities, extending their life, stabilizing production, and saving manufacturers money.

For this campaign, Allied wanted help with a unique application of their refractories: palm oil extractors with self-contained biomass fueled power plants. They recognized an opportunity with these remote facilities – often located far from civilization in South America – helping them extend the life of the boilers making palm oil extraction and refining possible.

PRISM was asked to develop a marketing campaign to help reach this audience.


“Since working with PRISM to launch this campaign, Allied has grown this arm of our business from 5 to 30 customers across 7 countries. We believe this market can be worth several million dollars in annual sales in the near future as we continue to expand our reach, geographically.”

— Colin Deffet, VP of Business Development & Latin America Sales

Allied Mineral Products

The Process

Creative Concepting

PRISM developed three concept directions that showcased Allied Mineral Products as the best service partner for palm oil producers in remote parts of South America. Each concept includes and emphasizes elements like Allied’s deep experience, holistic service, and unmatched initiative.

We knew Allied has industry-leading products and decades of experience that could help maintain boilers and protect production at these mills. But, with the often rugged conditions and unique challenges these mills contend with, we needed to establish Allied’s credibility by demonstrating their drive to go above and beyond, along with their top-of-the-line reliability, commitment, and peace of mind.

This concept shows off Allied’s holistic understanding of a plantation’s processing operations and encourages them to take care of their production’s most important aspect in order to keep running without interruption. With their untamed working conditions, one thing going wrong for these plantations can often cascade into everything going wrong.

By showing that they see the whole picture, we can demonstrate not only how Allied’s products help avoid predictable problems that risk the entire plant’s operations, but also that they are walking alongside these plantations and keeping their long term goals in mind.

These facilities operate far off the beaten path, so any problem that arises is a big deal. But, unlike most, Allied isn’t afraid to make the effort to go out to these locations and help make sure they stay up and running.

This concept focuses on how Allied will be there when no one else will even try. While it’s good to highlight the benefits of Allied’s products, there’s something special to be said about how Allied will be there to help these remote operations. By emphasizing this relationship, we help show that Allied is a dedicated, trusted partner, and not just a product or service.

With this concept, we wanted to highlight the peace of mind that comes from working with Allied – and bring in the imagery of the water buffaloes that are an important part of life in and around palm plantations – because the certainty that you will avoid outages and that your equipment will work as intended is highly valuable.

Besides machinery, many of the things that can go wrong at palm oil mills may be out of our control – like the weather or the unpredictable temperament of the buffaloes. There’s plenty to worry about, but we wanted to emphasize that relying on Allied means you can relax and have one less thing to worry about.