Allied Mineral Products


This Global refractory company has been partnering with PRISM since 2014. PRISM led their rebranding and continues to assist with various marketing campaigns. We also led the redesign of their US and Chinese sites and worked on several other customer-specific apps.

Case Study: Palm Oil

Allied sought help with a unique application of their refractories: palm oil extractors with self-contained biomass fueled power plants. They recognized an opportunity with these remote facilities – often located far from civilization in South America – helping them extend the life of the boilers making palm oil extraction and refining possible. PRISM was asked to develop a marketing campaign to help reach this audience.

Case Study: Palm Oil | Results

“Since working with PRISM to launch this campaign, Allied has grown this arm of our business from 5 to 30 customers across 7 countries. We believe this market can be worth several million dollars in annual sales in the near future as we continue to expand our reach, geographically.”

— Colin Deffet, VP of Business Development & Latin America Sales

Allied Mineral Products