Launching a new lawn and garden product can get kinda messy...

But when you have something truly unique that customers love, it can be a bit easier. So PRISM set out to support Profile Product’s launch of HydraPeat – an all-natural peat moss blend made with their proprietary HydraFiber® Technology.


The peat-reduced alternative powered by HydraFiber®

Developing the HydraPeat Brand

We focused the HydraPeat practical benefits, like its effectiveness, water management and ease-of-use, but also on the environmentally friendly messaging highlighting the reduced-peat blend.

To support the new brand’s messaging and establish its visual identity, we built a content library of multimedia assets multiple photo and video shoots, and in-house branded animations. We then used these assets to create Hydrapeat.com.

Supporting HydraPeat’s presence across retail channels

We created numerous materials in support of HydraPeat’s retail launch, including marketing materials, like printed brochures, and in-store displays, such as banners and pallet skirts.

To support HydraPeat’s online retail presence, we worked with Lowes.com and Amazon to develop the basic and enhanced content for the brand store pages on each platform.