CASE STUDY | PRISM Marketing Optum Primary Care Patient Acquisition

Building a Multi-channel patient acquisition campaign for a care delivery network as it integrates with the largest physician network in the U.S.

PRISM began working with American Health Network (AHN) in 2019, shortly after it was purchased by UnitedHealth Group and joined the Optum Care family. In 2023, as AHN was becoming more integrated with Optum, we launched a new patient acquisition campaign that included direct mail, social media advertising, and inbound search marketing programs for several identified practices in Central Indiana and Central Ohio.

“PRISM has been a terrific partner in helping us differentiate and grow our primary care business. We appreciate their flexibility, creativity and willingness to just figure things out.”

— Shelly Dow, Director, Marketing | Indiana & Ohio

Optum – Health Services Innovation Company

Social ads for Facebook and Nextdoor

We tested a variety of ads on both Facebook and Nextdoor, including lifestyle imagery and provider-focused graphics, and we continued to adjust our creative and budget allocation on a regular basis to optimize performance. We saw – and continue to see – great engagement and dozens of new patient inquiries from the campaign.

Data-driven decision from the beginning

Before we printed a piece of direct mail, published a landing page, or launched an ad, we planned a robust data and analytics process that would allow us to track and measure the success of each campaign, channel, and piece of creative. We tracked phone calls by source and channel, form submissions by landing page, and engagement metrics by unique creative. This led to a wealth of valuable information that helped us make smart decisions about where to pull back on spend and where to invest more heavily.

Results to date:






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