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A Good Brand Is Hard to Find

How do we describe brands? Smart. Elegant. Innovative. Hip. Adventurous. Cool.  Basically, we use the same words we use to describe people.  And I think, in a certain way, we relate to brands in a similar way we do people.

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Meeting of marketing department

Our Commitment to Meaningful Marketing

Several times a year we have a marketing advisory board that meets to discuss different topics related to marketing and business. For our meeting this year we were all set to discuss yearly marketing planning activities, getting ourselves ready for

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Small Is the New Big

Great ideas are everywhere right?   They are, for sure – and for brands, the challenge is cutting through it all to be heard. There’s a lot of noise out there, and a lot of great brands vying for our attention.

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And there he was in Business First

I remember the day clearly still today. I was sitting in my living room reading the People on the Move section of Business First. I read it religiously, always hoping to find a new prospect to call on. There he

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It Started with Two Men

Yes, 20 years ago, two men encouraged me, at just 26 years old, to start my business. I wasn’t interested. But they persisted. It took them quite a bit of convincing, but eventually they won and I founded PRISM. The

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